Join respected Psychic Medium, Author, Teacher and Mentor Susan Kennedy live on Her First FREE Training For 2020 & find Out How To Tap Into Your Birth Purpose & Understand How Trauma Has kept You Safe & Unsatisfied In Your Life.
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What We Will Dive Into On This Training:
  • Stop Feeling Like It Is Too Late To Live Your Best Life!!! 
When we start taking responsibility and accountability for everything we do have in our life right now and everything we don't have in our life right now we become the MOST POWERFUL BEINGS ON EARTH, let me show you what is stopping you from doing this!
  • Procrastination Is The Killer Of Creation
I know you have had some great ideas and inspirations drop in, haven't you? It is not an accident they chose you. Let me guess, you reminded yourself about all the reasons it may not be a good idea, you went on to relive that time in the past that something like this didn't work. You decided it wasn't really that great an idea after all... time to kick procrastination and invite in INTUITION!
  • Your Greatest Pain Can Become Your Biggest Gift
It may be hard to believe but it is true that some of the darkest days or even years of your life hold the gold. Let me show you how to clear the sh*t from the past and guide you to a place where it shines, where all that pain can heal, and all the hate can fall away. Your past really does hold the key to your future. 
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Ok, No More Procrastinating I Am Ready To Do This!!!
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Hello there traveler,

I am Susan Kennedy and I was like every other forty-something woman, unhappy in my marriage, feeling powerless and hating the financial planning job I did. I decided something had to change and that something was me!

For the first time since I was a child, I followed my passion and dove into lots of courses that excited me on Tarot, Reiki, psychic development and mediumship ….

I felt an immense driving force within me just knowing this was my path, to use my psychic gifts to help others find purpose, closure, healing, clarity and direction and interestingly enough it gave me all of those things within my own life too.

Since then life has been a bit like tumbling down the rabbit hole in the most magical way. I have published 3 books (1 becoming a best seller), spoken on stages around Australia, supported 1000's of people both online and off in making real change and I have ticked some pretty epic dreams off my bucket list... and I never would have done any of it if I had not first cleared my sh*t- to shine.

You might be thinking to yourself "thats nice but how does that help me?" Here is how...

In my free training I am going to disclose to you how you can create this lasting change in your life too. How to step away from the person you think you are and who you are supposed to be and into the person you truly are- I am going to give you the tools to dig up all the sh*t hidden under layers of trauma and show you how to HEAL and SHINE!

Don't wait another day to step into your purpose and happiness because I can't even begin to explain the life that is waiting for you on the other side of all your fears and history.

See you there
SK x

Creator Of My Best Life

Panelist & Featured In Gold Coast Lyfe Magazine

Best Selling Author

Susan Kennedy

Liaison To Your Soul, Psychic Medium, Best Selling Author, Serial Sunrise Chaser, Mentor, Traveler Of Worlds.

Free Live Training

Date: 15th January 2020
Time: 7:00 PM AEST (Queensland Timezone)
Who Is This Training For?
This training is for you if you're:
  • Feeling like 2020 is going to be the greatest year of your life!
  • Wanting to find that sparkle you use to feel for your life, but lost it somewhere.
  • ​Looking for lasting change not just the "next thing" - you are ready to dig deep.
  • You feel ​lost and unmotivated and your confidence has taken a real hit!
  • No longer trust your choices and feel completely under valued in your life.
  • ​Know you need some guidance but don't know who to trust.
  • ​Are looking for others that get where you are.
    YES! I Am Ready To Find My Purpose & Unlock My Inner Child With Susan In 2020...
    ** PLUS ** I Will Teach You How You Could Build This Business To sell So You Could Sell Like I Did For Millions...
    Living Unconventionally
    People work so hard doing jobs they don’t enjoy and leaving very little time for the things they do like or the people they love. If one could just focus all this energy creating a business around a passion or solving something the world needs, automating it, and using the internet to dispense it, then life could be enjoyed all the time.

    What I discovered That People don’t want to be millionaires. They want to experience what they believe only millions can buy. Once you come up with the things you want to do, you will almost always realise that a million dollars is not needed to accomplish them.
    Yes, I'm Ready To Grow My Side Hustle, Quit My Job & Become The New Rich....
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