Connect with your hidden purpose and find clarity by learning how to harness the power of intuition and trusting yourself
Susan Kennedy is a respected Psychic Medium, Author, Teacher and Mentor
Join my FREE 5 day training to find out how I went from feeling dead inside and living in desperation, to living a life devoted to finding joy in every moment and building an empire for change along the way.
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  • ​DAY 2 - Are you an empath and allowing everyone to drain your energy? I will show you how to turn this into your superpower
  • ​DAY 3 - Practical ways to cleanse your aura and open to higher consciousness so you can be a magnet to abundance and love
  • ​DAY 4 - How to turn self-doubt into certainty and feel confident in your next big choice!
  • ​DAY 5 - Find Your Purpose and stop making the same mistakes over and over again, causing you to feel empty and confused

Susan Kennedy

Psychic Medium, Author, Teacher and Mentor

5 Day Free Live Training

Start Date: 16th Sep 2019 @7PM DAILY
Susan Kennedy
I am Susan Kennedy and I was like every other forty-something woman, unhappy in my marriage, feeling powerless and hating the financial planning job I did. I decided something had to change and that something was me!
For the first time since I was a child, I followed my passion and dove into lots of courses that excited me on Tarot, Reiki, psychic development and mediumship ….
I felt an immense driving force within me just knowing this was my path, to use my psychic gifts to help others find purpose, closure, healing, clarity and direction and interestingly enough it gave me all of those things within my own life too.
Since then life has been a bit like tumbling down the rabbit hole in the most magical way…….
YES! I Am Ready To ENTER Into The 5 Day Free Self & Spirit Reset Training...
Who Is This Training For?
This training is for you if you feel unfulfilled in your job or relationship and lack confidence or resources and ready to make the shift...
    International Spiritual Coach and Mentor – Bestselling Author – International Speaker
    ** PLUS ** I Will Teach You How You Could Build This Business To sell So You Could Sell Like I Did For Millions...
    What Others Are Saying
    YES! I Am Ready To ENTER Into The 5 Day Free Self & Spirit Reset Training...
    Living Unconventionally
    People work so hard doing jobs they don’t enjoy and leaving very little time for the things they do like or the people they love. If one could just focus all this energy creating a business around a passion or solving something the world needs, automating it, and using the internet to dispense it, then life could be enjoyed all the time.

    What I discovered That People don’t want to be millionaires. They want to experience what they believe only millions can buy. Once you come up with the things you want to do, you will almost always realise that a million dollars is not needed to accomplish them.
    Yes, I'm Ready To Grow My Side Hustle, Quit My Job & Become The New Rich....
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